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How long does it take for my boost to be completed?

Boosting completion times vary depending on the length of your boost.
Most boosts are completed within a few hours to 3 days.

Will my League of Legends account be safe?

Yes. Your account is 100% safe as all of our elo boosters are trustworthy and follow the rule of using a VPN while boosting your account to your desired elo/divison.

Will I get banned?

No. We have special guidelines that we advise you to follow when you purchase your League of Legends elo boosting service here at Boost2Fast4Me. If all guidelines are followed then you will not be caught for elo boosting or be banned. All customers who have purchased our elo boosting services have followed the rules and have not been banned. Safety is our priority!

Where/how do I give my account information for boosting?

Once you purchase your elo boosting service at Boost2Fast4Me you will receive an email which states where you can send your League of Legends account information along with your order number, which is either through the special instructions during the checkout process, to our Skype, or to our email.
On our site all your information is encrypted and never shared with anyone so it is safe to send your information during the checkout process.


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