About Us

At Boost2Fast4Me our boosters work around the clock to provide excellent and fast service for your boosting needs. All of our boosters are at least Masters and have went under various checks to ensure they provide a high level of service. With speed and safety being our top priorities we promise you that you will at least go up 1 division a day although it is common that our boosters can achieve 3 divisions in one day.
The speed of our service will have you saying "Boost2Fast4Me", so cmon what are you waiting for?

We want to make sure multiple servers around the world can experience our great service at affordable prices compared to competitors!
We currently offer our services for NA, BR, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, and LAS servers. All prices for each server are the same. 

We have safety protocols that must be followed for the duration of your service; This is specifically for the safety of your account.
Rules to follow to ensure your account will not get banned/caught for elo boosting:

  • Do not log onto League of Legends on any alternative account on any server.
    You can use op.gg to easily spectate while your booster is working or purchase a private stream!
  • If you wish to watch without spectating from a third party website, we also offer private streams at a small cost.
  • Our boosters use a secured anonymous VPN while boosting so as long as you listen to the above your account will not be caught for elo boosting!



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